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GameMaker Studio 2 and Bomberman

Published / by Juho

GameMaker Studio 2

Past few months I have playing with YoYo Games GameMaker Studio 2. As I have some sort of plans what I could do with it, I am still using most of my time learning how to use it.

Since last blog post

As I did before use few months GMS1.4 it was little bit strange to adapt GMS2 but now I don’t see much reasons to go back. As a practice project I decided to make some sort of clone of Bomberman. I made it simple prototype and then finally thought that it might be easy enough to make work with network code. So I was getting little bit used to GML network code and made very simple chat program with it, something what I would suggest as first network project to make.

After chat did work somewhat okay, I was starting to write Bomberman clone from start. Fixed game structure little to make it easier for multiple players.

Current state of game

  • Bombs and explosions working
    • Explosions expand with desired power
  • Able to manage multiple players
  • Local only
  • Power ups
    • Speed
    • Increase bomb count
    • Increase bomb power
  • Game block types
    • Empty
    • Wall
      • Brick
        • Possible to destroy
      • Steel
        • Static
  • No win conditions
  • No menu
  • No working level loader (First prototype has this)

To-do List

  • Add missing blocks functionality
    • Spawn
      • Allow player spawn on start
        • Random
    • Portal
      • Random
  • Level
    • String based (Prototype has this)
      • File loader
    • Editor?
    • Random?
  • Rules
    • Win
    • Power up limits
  • Proper menu
    • Settings
      • Key bindings
      • Display settings
  • Game play UI
    • Stats
  • Network code
    • Host and join (Server client)
    • Player limit hopefully 8 or more
    • Lobby
    • Chat
  • Split screen
  • Gamepad support
  • Additional powerups
    • Remote bomb
    • Debuff enemy
    • Random powerup

As to-do list could be longer and longer here is most of those things that would be nice to have. Game misses sounds and graphics aren’t really fancy. Even that those are important code has higher priority.